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Crate of Kiln dried hardwood £165

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Free local delivery within a 15 mile radius of Kings Langley. Please contact us with your postcode for a quote outside this area. 

bulk discounts

One bulk bag of premium ash. Premium Ash reflects top quality firewood from exceptional timber.

Mixed softwood £75 

“Five Star Service. We've used Langley Logs for 2 years...Great service, great wood and great value. David and his crew really took care of us.” (Steve C, Amersham on our Facebook page)

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A large stacked crate of kiln dried birch hardwood. This crate contains the same amount of wood as 1 and 2/3s bulk bags.

Stove Pack (2 bags) £145

Top quality logs ready to burn with less than 20% moisture content. Helpful & friendly staff with most of our orders coming from our existing customers.  


value for money

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One bulk bag of kiln dried hardwood. This extra dry birch wood burns hotter and lights quicker.

Mixed hardwood £85


Quality firelighters that are made from rolled wood shavings and wax. Slow burning to ensure the fire is lit with minimal effort .Can be used on all fires but highly recommended for Stoves 

Eco firelighters £5 per box, 3 for £12

One bulk bag of softwood. Softwood is from our stands of Norway spruce, Scots pine and Western red cedar.

Premium Ash £95

Our firewood comes from actively managed sustainable local woodlands. Naturally seasoned for over a year before being sold.

Why Langley Logs?

Two bulk bags, one of softwood and the other mixed hardwood. Mixed and burnt together they make the ideal fuel for log burning stoves. 

Our logs are competitively prices based upon the quality of our product and the service we offer. We keep a close eye on the competition and are committed to providing the best value.

One bulk bag of mixed hardwood. Mixed hardwood is a mixture of beech, sycamore, birch, oak and ash all of which are excellent burning fuels.

Firewood in net Bags +£20

Our firewood

Kiln dried hardwood £110

We are currently offering some great value bulk discounts. For quantities of 2-3 bags delivered there is a discount of £5 per bag and for 4 bags a further £5 per bag. So Softwood for example, is £70 per bag for 1, £65 per bag when you order 2-3 and £60 per bag when you order 4.  

2 bag discount is already applied to Stove Pack 

Kindling £5 per net, 3 for £10

We also sell our mixed softwood/hardwood, premium ash and kiln dried logs in handy to move and stack nets. You receive 22 nets which is the same volume of wood as a bulk bag.

Your local Firewood and Coal supplier based in kings LAnGleY, hertfordshire

We supply & deliver high quality firewood and coal to both residential and commercial customers in the surrounding areas. Our logs are sourced locally and naturally seasoned resulting in firewood that is ready to burn and environmentally friendly. 


Excellent kindling made from quality softwood. Lights quickly and easily.