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Please see below for some frequently asked questions


We aim to deliver within 1 to 2 weeks of receiving your ordering, although this may be longer in peak times. Please specify any delivery or timing contraints when you place you order. 

Stock levels

Firewood is a tricky business to manage supply and demand. Every year we work throughout the summer to build up stock and complete essential maintenance to put ourselves in the best possible place to deliver a great service during the winter months. However every year is different and managing supply and demand is a real challenge given the dependancies and our ability to control them. Factors such as energy prices, regulation changes and the economy make a big difference to demand, but the weather is by far the biggest factor, as soon a the temperature drops below 12 degrees the phone rings non stop.

We also have limited stock availability and we are always trying to balance production with demand. We have to soursce the wood, process it, dry it and deliver it, and each of these stages is capacity contrained. There are two ways we manage this when it comes to our service. Firstly we limit the availability of stock on our website. If something is out of stock, please register for a back in stock notification and look out for updates on our website front page. If you receive a notification and then find that the item is out of stock it will be because it has already been sold. Re-apply for the notification as more stock will be added regularly. 


What size are the bulk bags?

Please see the individual product pages for details. We have recently moved to bulk bags which are between 10% smaller than before and hold approximately 0.9m3.

How do I make an order?
Please order using this website or call or text Dave and Paul on 07444 563622, via email or through an online enquiry.

How seasoned are your logs?
Our naturally seasoned logs are dried to below 20% moisture content for 12-18 months.  They are ideal for use on wood burning stoves, open fires, pizza ovens, chimeneas and are certified ready to burn.

How big are the logs?
Our logs are cut to an average 250mm and are  typically 75-125 mm in diameter. 

What types of wood do you supply?
We offer a choice of options at different pricing levels:

-Softwood is from our stands of Larch

-Mixed hardwood can include a mixture of beech, sycamore, birch, oak and ash all of which are excellent burning fuels.

-Ash reflects top quality firewood from exceptional timber.

Is Langley Logs Firewood produced locally?
Yes our logs come mostly from our 75 acre mixed woodland in Kings Langley and adjacent farms and properties. We cut and split our firewood at our premises by local employees and it is stored undercover in well ventilated barns to dry out. We ensure our product is as sustainable and low in carbon emissions in its production and delivery as possible.
We are commissioning a kiln in November 2022 which will allow us to produce kiln dried wood, heated from waste from the production process.

Do I have to return the Buidlers Bags after I have used my logs?
You are welcome to keep the bag for temporary storage and return it on your next delivery so we can recycle it and use it again.

How many logs will I get in a bulk bag?
Anywhere between 230 and 260 logs in a bulk bag.  

What should I expect in terms of stacked volume?

The Forestry Commission quote 0.62 tightly stacked cubic meters from one cubic meter of loose logs. .

Where should I store my logs?
It is very important to keep your logs as dry as possible. We recommend you store your logs in a well ventilated shed, garage or log store. It is a good idea to get your logs indoors before they are needed as the warmer and dryer they are the better. If you need to store them outside, ensure they are covered on the top and exposed to air at the side. This helps prevent condensation and mould.

How much is delivery?
Delivery is free. See the delivery section of the website for the location restrictions. We deliver between Monday to Friday business hours. 

Can I collect the firewood directly?
We are not routinely open to the public but if you would like to collect wood from our yard or to view our products please call first to make an appointment. We are usually in the yard between 09.00 and 17.00 Monday to Friday. We are not open on weekends.

How do I pay for the wood?
Either via the website or if you prefer payment can be made by cash on delivery. We no longer accept cheques.

How will the logs be delivered?
We deliver logs using builders bags. We can deliver to any location that is accessible by our delivery truck.  Bags are offloaded by a crane at the rear of the truck which extends to 4m. We can reach over low fenches approximately 5 ft high.
Do you deliver on weekends?
Unfortunately we aren’t currently able to deliver on weekends.

Do I have to be present when the delivery is made?
Yes, if you want to pay cash on delivery. However, if you prepay, we can delivery your logs to your property or business when you are not able to take delivery. Unfortunately we cannot be held liable for any missing logs if you are not there when your logs are delivered.

Will I receive an invoice or receipt?
Please let us know if you require these and we an provide over email if needed.

What if I am unhappy with my logs? 

There is no question - contact us immediately if you are dissatisfied and we will refund or replace.

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