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Two bulk bags, one of softwood and the other mixed hardwood. Mixed and burnt together they make the ideal fuel for log burning stoves.

Order more & pay less

2-3 bags: £80 per bag

4 bags: £75 per bag

-Our firewood is naturally seasoned for 12-18 months in covered barns before delivery and is supplied below 20% moisture content ready for burning.

-Our logs are cut to an average 250mm and are 100-150mm in diameter.  If you have a requirement for larger or smaller logs we can usually oblige. 

-Our firewood is delivered in bulk bags that contain approximately 1 cubic meter of loose filled logs. Our bags are filled and shaken and topped up before delivery and again when they arrive at your home. You are entitled to expect value for money and that means a well filled bag. 

-Unlike most other providers, we sell a choice of softwood, mixed hardwood, premium ash and kiln dried birch so you can select the Firewood that is the best for what you need.

Premium Ash £95


A large stacked crate of kiln dried birch hardwood. This crate contains the same amount of wood as one and a 2/3's bulk bags and therefore is excellent value for money.


Kiln dried hardwood £110

All prices quoted exclude delivery charge which is free within 15 miles of Kings Langley or contact us for a quote outside of this area. 

One bulk bag of mixed hardwood. Mixed hardwood is a mixture of beech, sycamore, birch, oak and ash all of which are excellent burning fuels.

Mixed hardwood £85

Firewood pricing

We also supply quality logwood for milling in quantities to suit you. Please call with your requirements.

Crate of Kiln dried hardwood £165

Our Firewood

Firewood in net Bags +£20

Order more & pay less

2-3 bags: £87.50 per bag

4 bags: £82.50 per bag

We also sell our mixed softwood/hardwood, premium ash and kiln dried logs in handy to move and stack nets. You receive 22 nets which is the same volume of wood as a bulk bag. 

Order more & pay less

2-3 bags: £105 per bag

4 bags: £100 per bag

One bulk bag of softwood. Softwood is from our stands of Norway spruce, Scots pine and Western red cedar.

Mixed softwood £75

One bulk bag of premium ash. Premium Ash reflects top quality firewood from exceptional timber with limited stocks.

delivery charge

One bulk bag of kiln dried hardwood. This extra dry birch wood lights quickly and burns hotter. Many of our customers say that as a result they use fewer logs to get the same heat. 

Order more & pay less

2-3 bags:£70 per bag

4 bags: £65 per bag